Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Castilla y León. FIFCYL – 21.04 – 29.05.21 PALENCIA

William Klein

New York, 1954-55

In 1954, after an eight-year absence, William Klein (New York, 1928) returned to New York. He decided to keep a diary of this return. He began to photograph “everything that was going on”, like an ethnographer, like an anthropologist. He would photograph what he saw in its rawest form: “The grain, the contrast, the accidental movements, the fading, exactly as it came”, searching for that ground zero of photography in the streets of New York. Klein photographed New York with the eyes of a painter, in the immediacy of a discarded gesture. This obscure vision of New York, this Dadaist vision, did not find favour with American publishers, but it was published in France and became a reference book in the history of photography. Klein conceives this work from a cinematographic point of view as “the film that could have been”.

Exhibition organized in collaboration with Pierre-Louis Denis and Tiffanie Pascal, William Klein studio, and with the help of Bruno Ryterband. Special Thanks to Roger Szmulewicz, FIFTY ONE Gallery, Antwerp.

  • Exhibition
  • From 20/04 to 29/05
  • Museum of Palencia

free entrance

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