II Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Castilla y León. FIFCYL – 26.04.22 – 29.05.22 PALENCIA

40th anniversary of Arles School

The International School of Photography celebrates its 40th anniversary

The ENSP is a higher education establishment under the supervision of the French Ministry of Culture, located in the southern city of Arles, renowned for its photographic culture. The school is proud of its continuous development of new interdisciplinary reflections and promotion of multiple photographic and image-based arts, a place in which several spheres of training and activities intersect. The school was founded in 1982 and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The Palencia International Photography Festival chose to celebrate this event by exhibiting the work of three students from the school, which offers a global vision of contemporary creation.

Faustine Marseille’s approach examines social, associative or architectural structures. Examining these structures brings into question the notion of “remainder”, sometimes of “waste”, by thinking of them as being at the heart of systems of security, exclusion and control.

By photographing the objects and places of these systems, the artist seeks to reveal the material waste, the rejected objects, the urban spaces of the margins, and the surplus of a world which has found its balance in rejection.

The series proposed by Victor Drouineau is inspired by the model of fragmentary writing advocated by the romantic writing that gave us the German word Bruchstück: a broken piece, a stone, a fragment of nature to be combined with other fragmented phenomena.

Propolis is a series by Margaux Senlis about bees, beekeeping and the demise of bee colonies. Through documentary and conceptual work, Senlis seeks to convey the concerns and consequences of the disappearance of pollinators.

  • Exhibition
  • From 26/04 to 29/05
  • Plaza de los Jugados

free entrance

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