Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Castilla y León. FIFCYL – 21.04 – 29.05.21 PALENCIA

Lee Friedlander

The New Cars, 1964

In 1964, Harper’s Bazaar magazine hired American photographer Lee Friedlander (1934), then in the midst of a career boom, to photograph the new car models that were eagerly awaited that year.

Friedlander chose to stage these vehicles not in privileged contexts, knowing that these cars would be acquired by a certain section of the bourgeoisie, but in spaces that did not correspond at all where one would decide to advertise said vehicles. He photographed what is emblematic of the American dream in the car parks of shopping malls, restaurants, cheap furniture shops, beauty salons and even fleets of used cars. Harper’s Bazaar paid Friedlander in the belief that the car brands would not run an advertising campaign with the magazine. The photographs were published and then disappeared until 2010, when Friedlander found them in his archives. This sequence of photographs is part of history and vindicates the fact that, although they were not understood at the time, they are signed by one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century.

Exhibition organized in collaboration with Botland Collection and support of FIFTY ONE Gallery, Anvers.

  • Exhibition
  • From 20/04 to 29/05
  • Museum of Palencia

free entrance

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