II Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Castilla y León. FIFCYL – 26.04.22 – 29.05.22 PALENCIA

Jacques Sonck


Jacques Sonck shoots classical analogue black-and-white portraits with an eye for the extraordinary. Across all ages, genders and races, Sonck is attracted by people who stand out from the crowd and walk on the border of ‘normality’, either by an anomaly in their appearance or by their extravert attitude or clothing-style.

He comes across these exceptional models on the streets of Belgian cities like Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels and photographs them on the spot, often in front of a neutral background. Regardless of the accidental, volatile, and anonymous nature of these encounters, Sonck’s subjects surrender themselves to him, posing with full pride and confidence. Often, these portraits have a humorous undertone, stealing a grin from the viewer. In other cases, Sonck confronts his audience with deformed individuals, evoking feelings of shame and discomfort.

Notwithstanding the, by times, confrontational nature of his portraits, Sonck is never guilty of voyeurism, melancholy, or ridicule as he approaches his subjects with distance, without judgment and with a certain softness and respect. His subjects look straight into the lens and allow themselves to be watched.

  • Exhibition
  • From 26/04 to 29/05
  • Exhibition Hall of Unicaja

free entrance

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